In 1967, two Frenchmen (including Jacques Jaunet, future co-founder of the brand) returned from a trip to California, with the desire to communicate and transmit a lifestyle they had discovered, through a dress code. The company's logo, created by a renowned designer (Raymond Loewy), has the particularity of being an ambigram and can therefore be read in both directions. This year marks the beginning of the New Man saga...



Movement, color and impertinence. Creative energy, a cool lifestyle and, above all, the omnipresent Golden State sun electrified them. They innovated by working with materials and pairing '70s colors. Flamboyant reds, sunny yellows and marshmallow pinks, they broke with the regulatory codes and cuts of the time. The slogan "Life's too short to dress sadly" made its appearance.



Motorsports play a very important role in New Man's communications. The brand is present at a number of motor races, including the Monte Carlo Rally and the French Formula 3 Championship. New Man became the sponsor of the Porsche 956-117, the same year the car won the 1,000-kilometer Nürburgring, and the following year won the famous 24H du Mans race. Sporty, cheerful fashion that travels the world and brings back wonderful memories. Adapted cuts that allow fluid movement and freedom of movement.



The 90s marked a turning point in the world of fashion, blending a new style of dress with pop culture. The era saw the beginnings of a more neutral style, allowing the wearer to show off his or her assets. New Man liberated bodies and advocated freedom with the launch of a contemporary collection.



New Man presents its new collection for modern men who dream of escapism. The durability and versatility of the garments are enhanced by the technical and comfortable materials used in the design. This Premium collection is based on the principles of better consumption and an alliance between style and functionality adapted to everyday life. Over the years, New Man has made its mark by innovating and transgressing established dress codes. Its values and creativity make it a timeless brand for men in search of a new style.